‘DWTS’ double shock: ‘Bachelor’ Matt James, ‘90210’ alum Brian Austin Green eliminated

, ‘DWTS’ double shock: ‘Bachelor’ Matt James, ‘90210’ alum Brian Austin Green eliminated, The Evepost National News

“Dancing With the Stars” Disney Heroes Night was so yesterday. Tonight, there was evil on the dance floor. 

Tuesday’s Disney Villains Night brought a reign of terror to the ballroom. The stars and their pro dancers took on the baddest of the bad characters from Disney lore for their second routine and final this week.

But the real badness came in a shocking double elimination that took out two of the show’s most promising dancers.

Like jaw-on-the-floor shocking as the fairytale ended for “Bachelor” alum, Matt James and “Beverly Hills 90210” star Brian Austin Green. 

Here’s what went down on the dance floor:

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Watch Iman Shumpert lift his partner above his head

Shumpert blew judges away Tuesday with his pure strength.

Performing as Iago from “Aladdin,” the 6-foot-5 NBA star slowly pulled his partner Daniella Karagach over his head and carried her effortlessly down the dance floor steps. She was playing a parrot after all. So her perch was over her head.

The gold-turban wearing Shumpert put his partner down and scowled fiercely through his Argentine tango to “Arabian Nights,” with flicks and kicks. 

, ‘DWTS’ double shock: ‘Bachelor’ Matt James, ‘90210’ alum Brian Austin Green eliminated, The Evepost National News

When it came to the finale, Shumpert once again effortlessly lifted Karagach.

Hough called the dead-lift opening and ending “iconic,” especially as Shumpert had no momentum, all strength. “I’m kind of speechless,” Hough added. 

Judge Bruno Tonioli commented on the incredible “feat of strength.” Carrie Ann Inaba spoke for the audience when she said, “I’m truly blown away.”

Shumpert admitted he was nervous about the feat, but his partner was “a little lighter than we thought.”

Judges gave the basketballer his highest scores yet of the season, a 33 out of 40. 

Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess raised pirate flag on PDA past

The “Beverly Hills 90210” star and girlfriend/pro dance partner Sharna Burgess found out the hard way that there is such thing as toomuch dance floor PDA.

Their Monday “Snow White” waltz, and fairy tale kisses, brought sniping from the judges. Len Goodman told the couple there was “so much kissing and cuddling.” 

, ‘DWTS’ double shock: ‘Bachelor’ Matt James, ‘90210’ alum Brian Austin Green eliminated, The Evepost National News

On Tuesday, the couple shook it up with pirate swords, literally clashing in their paso doble to “He’s a Pirate” from “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl.”

Green’s face-rotted Captain Barbossa lunged at Burgess’ Jack Sparrow. There was the clash of metal, ship’s cannons making shockingly loud explosions, and double-crossing even in the dance story. Burgess literally walked on and over her dead pirate partner to end the number.

The judges loved it. “A bit of tough love works,” said previous PDA-critic judge Tonioli. “You’re going in the right direction.”

The couple’s score of 27 out of 40 was an improvement. But by the end of night two, they were dangerously at the bottom of the leaderboard. 

Matt James continued to wow with ‘Jungle Book’

The “Bachelor” star has been one of the most enjoyable, and best dancers of the season, as his incredible Frozone dance on Monday showed.

James seemed perfectly in control again Tuesday night, performing a “Jungle Book”-themed paso doble as the snake Kaa with partner Lindsay Arnold. There was a full-snakeskin outfit, with the scaled shirt opened at the middle to show his chiseled chest. James was in villain mode, with a dramatic scowl on his scale-covered face. Judge Hough remarked, “You were into it!”

He hit all the moves and the judges gave him his first 8 scores of the season. The charismatic “Bachelor” seemed like a sure-lock to return next week. So much so that Tonioli was giving him small points the dancer needed to refine.

“But there was nothing snakey about that,” Tonioli said of the performance. 

But double-eliminations kill even the strong

As saved couples frolicked off the dance floor, Green and Burgess were left standing in the bottom three. Due to their low score and vote totals, the affable “90210” star and his partner-girlfriend were handed their walking papers.

They exited the stage without a word as the blood-letting continued.

…and the shocking news kept coming

James and Arnold were standing in the final two with “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore and her pro partner Brandon Armstrong. Moore had danced a valiant waltz but had been in the bottom two last week. Judges had spared her, but Moore seemed a lock to be voted off by the judges, especially facing James.

As credits rolled and host Banks urged speed, stammering head judge Len Goodman threw down the ultimate tie-breaking vote. To global surprise, he threw a lifeline to the shocked Moore, who fell tearfully to her knees in joy.

James and Arnold held each other with stunned looks as the show cut.

“Dancing With the Stars” returns Oct. 18. (ABC, 8 EDT/PDT).

, ‘DWTS’ double shock: ‘Bachelor’ Matt James, ‘90210’ alum Brian Austin Green eliminated, The Evepost National News